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November 2015

A new look and new headshots! Goodbye long hair, you were a drag... literally.

Also, I had the honor of helping create the new "How To Submit" video for Channel 101 so stay tuned for that!


June 2015

I'm so proud of my show Senior Flowers I compiled 2 reels from it. Take a look!


May 2015

I'm so honored to be working with David Martin of The Wayne Agency. He's so supportive, hardworking, energetic AND believes in my potential. What more could I ask for?

Theatrical/Commercial Agent: David Martin
The Wayne Agency
310 492 5994


April 2015

They hate us, they really hate us! Only joking, the audience may have canceled our show but they still respected our originality. Also, we learned so much from this experience and can't wait to create more art!

Ever wondered what happened to Jerry the Landlord? Watch Episode 3: Death in Bloom


March 2015

Episode 2 of Senior Flowers placed 2nd again! They like us, they really like us! Now, on to make Episode 3!

Watch Jeong-Eun become an entrepreneur in Episode 2: Christ, Lies & Videotape


February 2015

COMMUNITY creator Dan Harmon and director Rob Schrab have a monthly screening/competition called Channel 101. My 5 minute short "Senior Flowers," a dark Korean comedy placed 2nd! This means we have another month to make episode 2!

Watch Senior Flowers


January 2015

What an amazing start to the year! "Stairway Denied" has made the official selection at this year's Love Your Shorts Film Festival in Florida! My cast and crew will join me as I attempt to dodge alligators while partaking in all the festivities!


December 2014

I'm so happy to announce that I've signed with a fantastic management company, Torque Entertainment! I can't wait to see what Peter Scott and I will accomplish together.

And here is the short film "All Things Being Equal" starring myself and the talented William Attaway.

A desperate woman turns to an
unlikely source for help.


October 2014

It's been a busy few months! I worked on two short films: All Things Being Equal directed by the formidable Michael Monks, and Stairway Denied by yours truly. Watch Stairway Denied here!

And allow me to present to you
my new demo reel:


June 2014

Congratulations to the cast and crew of LINGER for our nomination of Best Horror Film at the SoCal Creative and Innovative Film Festival. This festival specifically celebrates creativity through budgets of $3000 and less. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of my team, we have been able to attain this honor.


December 2013

My short film is available for your viewing pleasure. I wrote, directed and acted in it. I know, I'm a bit of a narcissist.



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